You’re thinking about getting a hair transplantation operation. Maybe you’ve made up your mind for sure. You’ve contacted your doctor via email or phone, filled up a pre-consultation form. Maybe sent some pictures, or consulted your doctor had face-to-face. Asked her your questions, answered some questions. If there are no problems with your donor area reserve or in any of your tests, agreed on a certain number of grafts with your doctor and handled the rest of the bureaucracy, you’re ready for the operation.

Throughout this process, for purposes of protecting the patients’ health, your doctor will communicate with you on the procedure. These are the things that you should know for before the surgery:

1. Inform your doctor as accurately and thoroughly as possible.

Your doctor will want to know whether you have a general health concern: it is important to know about your general health condition, on whether you have asthma, high blood pressure, diabetics, any heart or circulatory problems or whether you are pregnant. If you’ve had the flu recently, or any other diseases that may affect your body’s immunity, be sure to share it with your doctor too.

2. Get ready!

You doctor may prefer that you stop taking blood thinners, alcohol or any medication two weeks prior to your operation. S/he will also ask that you take some blood tests before the operation.

3. Shower!

As you will not be able to take a shower for 3 days after the operation, it might be a good idea to shower on the morning of the operation.

4. You will need to take a few days off.

They will recommend you to rest for 3 days – 1 week after the operation. (And no hitting the head!) So if you need to arrange things with your workplace, do that ahead of time.

5. Dress comfortably!

It will make your life a whole lot more easier if you put on clothes that are easy to take on and off. Button down shirts or sweaters with zippers for example would be easy solutions for the day of the operation.

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