After your hair transplant surgery (both for FUE technique and for FUT technique) at Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic rest, sleep, read, watch television and relax for the rest of the day avoiding pressures on the grafted area. In this regard, avoid absolutely bumping objects with your head! For the first 10 days it will be very important to avoid shocks and any contact with the skin in the receiving area to avoid losing the grafts, that are still not firmly anchored (it may happen to lose carelessly some of them after a strong involuntary blow to the head); so be careful while you sleep and during the day, and even with the hat Dr. Özlem Biçer gave you after the operation. After the first 10 days all follicular units will already be firmly rooted to the skin.

After your hair transplant surgery (both for FUE technique and for FUT technique) at Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic do not change your normal diet. Do not use Aspirin, Ibuprofen or alcohol for 5 days. It is also strongly recommended not to smoke for at least 1 year after surgery because smoking delays wound healing and increases the risk of infection. Do not use any drugs as well.

Take medications Dr. Özlem Biçer MD gave you in the clinic according to the instructions on the medical prescription.

Rest and sleep using one or more cushions or pillows by touching the zone immediately below the donor and receiving areas in order to avoid any kind of pressure or rubbing after your hair transplant surgery (both for FUE technique and for FUT technique) at Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic.

  • In case of FUE procedure at the Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic we recommend to start doing physical activity (hicking, bike) after 2 weeks of surgery, in case of intense or contact sports (football, combat sports, etc.) we recommend at least 4 weeks of rest. After 4 weeks from the intervention, it is advisable to avoid any hit on the head.
  • It is possible that you can feel a lack of sensitivity of the donor and receptive area due to the possible injury during the intervention of nerve endings that will normally be regenerated within 3-6 months from the FUE or FUT hair transplant intervention you had at the Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic.

If you want the chance to know more about our hair transplant post-operative instructions, please feel free to contact us by email at info@ozlembicer.com or WhatsApp message to 0090 530 414 13 13 for a free consultation with Dr. Özlem Biçer MD.

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