Is it true that hair transplantation is an expensive procedure? What is the price for a hair transplantation in Turkey? 

In Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic we have worked very hard to establish a reputation that transcends international borders, by combining very satisfactory results with reasonable prices. 

Once you decide to undergo a hair transplantation and aim to a good result, keep in mind that not only the price is important, but the doctor’s experience and qualification are crucial criteria. Here at the Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic we attain impressive results by combining Europe and North America quality standards to a price 3 times lower than clinics located in the West.

At the Özlem Biçer MD Clinic, our doctor is always present during the procedure assisted by our highly-trained nurses. Together they harvest the grafts from the donor area, and the doctor do the recipient incisions. The day of your transplantation you will be the only patient to undergo the procedure, that means you will have an exclusive and dedicated treatment at every step of your procedure.

The price of a hair transplantation with FUE technique at the Dr.  Ozlem Bicer MD Clinic depends on the amount of hair you need transplanting, because every FUE hair transplant is unique to the patient’s individual needs. For example some might need a relatively minor hairline correction and other patients may need a significant restoration.

Check out our full article about hair transplantation prices in Turkey if you want to know more about FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and all the other treatments costs at the Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic here: https://www.ozlembicer.com/en/operation-prices-en/

If you want the chance to have the hair transplantation, you have always wanted, please feel free to contact us by email at info@ozlembicer.com or WhatsApp message to 0090 530 414 13 13 for a free consultation with Dr. Özlem Biçer MD.

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