The most important process after hair transplantation is washing the hair. It takes about 15 days. The reason why hair washing is so vital is that it helps to eliminate the shells formed after the operation and accelerates the healing process. The first wash of the hair is done on the third day after the operation and the washing is repeated every day. The patient should be informed with details, the application of the products and the follow-up of the directives. Washing is carried out only once a day and is continued for 15 days. The washing procedure begins with lotion application. This lotion moisturizes the operation area and stimulates the regeneration of the scalp and blood flow. The lotion should be kept for minimum one hour and rinsed. After the first stage is completed, medical shampoo is applied. Attention should be paid to both the donor site and the treated area. Shampoo should be left for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing. Then gently rinse with warm water. This process is applied twice. Cut off after 15 days.

Drying machines and towels are not recommended.

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