Sport is one of the important factors for your hair health. It is not always enough to apply a proper nutrition program for healthier and lively hair, to use natural hair products and not to have any health problems. Active sports can indirectly affect hair loss. Although it does not seem possible to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet in today's conditions, you can achieve this by making minor changes in your daily life. The point you need to pay attention is to do the sport that you will enjoy.

So, how does sports affect our hair health?

Actually, the issue I want to mention here is the effect of sports on stress. Stress affects our entire body and our hair naturally. Stress is among the factors that provoke androgenetic hairloss. When we do sports, serotonin, which reduces stress in the body, that is, happiness hormone is more, the blood circulation is increased and the hair follicles are fed. Accordingly, it is thought that hair loss will decrease.

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