With Dr. Özlem Biçer’s impeccable eyebrow restoration, her patients can see a dramatic improvement in their facial appearance and symmetry with minimal downtime.

Eyebrows are an important element in facial balance. They frame the eyes and lend expression to our emotional responses. Shaping the eyebrows is a simple matter of thinning excess volume for those with thick eyebrows. For those with thin or patchy eyebrows the solution isn’t so simple.

The use of powders and eyebrow pencils never achieve the three dimensional look that natural brows provide. Not only do they only fill in color, these cosmetic remedies need to be constantly replenished. Many men and women facing this challenge have discovered a simple and effective way of permanently achieving the sculpted, thick eyebrows they have been longing for eyebrow transplant procedure.

Transplantation to the eyebrows, also known as eyebrow restoration is a procedure designed to restore growing hair to eyebrows that are overly thin, scarred, or completely missing.

The absence of hair can be due to:

  • Genetics
  • Trichotillomania, a self-harming behavioral trait that includes tugging or pulling at the hairs in the brow
  • Systemic disease
  • Over-plucking
  • Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy treatment
  • Scarring of skin trauma, caused by such things as piercings, burns or tattoos.

Some patients seek to have restored full, thick eyebrows, others a subtle thickening, while others to have a scar made less visible.

Donor Hairs for Eyebrow Transplantation

The donor hairs come from the scalp which, when transplanted into the eyebrows, continue to grow for a lifetime and therefore need to be trimmed typically once a month.

To provide a natural appearance, the hairs are transplanted primarily one and occasionally two at a time, the natural way eyebrow hairs grow.

This is a very delicate procedure, requiring perfect placement of these hairs into tiny incisions that are angled at just the right direction and positioned to mimic natural growth.

The use of all-microscopically dissected grafts allows their placement into the smallest possible incisions so as to minimize scarring and damage to already existing hairs.

These grafts are obtained by one of two techniques, both those in which Dr. Özlem Biçer has extensive experience: FUE (follicular unit extraction) whereby each graft is removed one at a time; and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) where the grafts are all dissected under microscopes from a single donor “strip” in the back of the head.

FUT is more popular particularly in women, but for men who wish to have the ability to shave their head and or know that there is no linear fine line scar, the FUE technique is preferable.

Procedure & Results

The procedure takes anywhere between 3 and 5 hours depending on the number of follicles needed to create the fullness and shape desired.

An eyebrow transplant procedure begins with harvesting healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp. This region is used because these follicles have the genetic programming to remain productive throughout life. Also, harvesting them from the back of the head is more discreet particularly for those who wear their hair medium to long length.

The scalp is shaved in the area to be harvested and then a small strip of tissue is taken with FUT technique, or each graft is removed one at a time with FUE technique. A local anesthetic is used to keep patients pain free during harvesting. Once the incision is closed, it is virtually invisible and heals quickly in a few days.

A procedure performed by Dr. Özlem Biçer typically involves the placement of 250 to as many as 750 hairs into each eyebrow, depending upon the existing amount of hair and the desired size and density.

During the follicle preparation phase of an eyebrow transplant, Dr. Özlem Biçer patients are served lunch from one of the many excellent restaurants in the area. This break is necessary for the meticulous preparation of hair follicles for implant. Each follicle must be very carefully isolated to ensure it will ‘take’ when implanted.

Once this has been done, the actual transplantation is started. Prior to this, patients will have shown Dr. Özlem Biçer photos illustrating what they are trying to achieve. This shape is drawn onto the eyebrow area so patients can verify that the size, shape and location are exactly as planned.

Once the follicles are prepared, the patient is brought into treatment room where a local anesthetic is given. Dr. Özlem Biçer implants each individual follicle into the area defined and outlined earlier.

This varies with every patient as some patients only require the replacement of patches of eyebrow hair while others require significant restoration. It is a painstaking procedure that requires a steady hand and the artistic perception needed to create graceful curving brows that fit the patient’s face.

Follicles need to be spaced properly and inserted at a slant as natural eyebrow hairs grow. Dr. Özlem Biçer is known for her patience and perfection in eyebrow transplantation and as a result is considered among the top hair transplantation in Istanbul.

Patients can leave the clinic immediately following the procedure which is one of the advantages of having local anesthetic. You will eventually experience edema, which refers to swelling and puffiness in the involved area and lividity, that will disappear in up to five days.

For the first four days after the procedure, tiny crusts are around each transplanted hair. By five days, other than some occasional mild pinkness which fades out by the first week, patients are able to return to normal activities without any sign of having had a procedure.

As one of the leading eyebrow transplant doctors in the Istanbul area, Dr. Özlem Biçer has the skill and artistry necessary to create beautiful, full, elegant eyebrows. Book a online consultation with her where you can discuss your goals and find out if eyebrow transplantation is your best option. Please send us photos of your eyebrows and eyebrows you like so she can fully understand your image goals and provide you with his recommendations for achieving them.

How much does it cost?

The exact price of any eyebrow transplantation depends on how much hair you already have and the intended end results. Price for eyebrow transplantation varies between 2500 and 3500 euros. If you want the chance to have the eyebrows you have always wanted, please feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp message for a free consultation with Dr. Özlem Biçer.

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