Post-operative hair wash – use the following methods to wash your head:

On the day of your hair transplant surgery and the next one, do not wash your hair or wet your head. Washing your head will help remove the crusts and speed up the healing process.

On the third day after the hair transplant surgery at Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic, apply Bepanthol lotion in the areas treated during the operation, which intensifies the regeneration of the skin cells, moisturizes the skin and softens the crusts, and let it rest for about an hour. The lotion should be applied gently and by dabbing both in the transplanted area and in the donor area. You can use more lotion for the donor area. Apply the lotion with care and attention in the same direction as the implanted bulb is to avoid any damage. Rinse the head if lotion residues have not been totally absorbed. Then use Sebamed shampoo delicately by washing the donor area with greater intensity than the rest of the head. To use this shampoo, form the foam in your hands and apply it on both the donor and transplanted areas, smearing gently. Let the foam work for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Avoid exposing the transplant area to an intense shower or nail pressures. Do not rinse your head with direct hot jet water. Collect the warm water and pour it on the head using a container or your hands. It is important that you rinse your head well from shampoo.

On the fourth day after your hair transplant procedure both with FUE and FUT techniques at Dr. Özlem Biçer MD Clinic, apply the lotion and shampoo in the manner previously listed and repeat it every day until the fifteenth day after surgery or in any case within the total fall of the crusts. Scar crusts should detach from the scalp within 7-12 days of surgery and please do not be alarmed if you notice strands of hair in the falling crusts. This is totally normal as most of the transplanted hairs fall out immediately because of the surgery shock while the cells that produce hair survive inside the scalp. If the crusts remain longer than 15-20 days these must be removed by massaging gently during the washings using the fingertips and not the fingernails (never tear or scratch them away). When the crusts have disappeared, you can start washing with a baby shampoo of your choice and massage gently with your fingertips.

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