In order to avoid any pain during the hair transplant procedure for our patients, in Dr. Özlem Biçer Clinic we use a very new technique, the needle-free anesthesia.

Needle phobia and pain during injection with a needle is often an overlooked obstacle that may impede access to effective healthcare in hair transplantation. Needle phobia, defined as an intense, persistent and unreasonable fear of needles, affects more than 20% of the world population.

Needle-free injection, also known as jet injection, is a needle-free drug delivery method in which a high-speed stream of fluid penetrates the skin and provides rapid, adequate and painless anesthesia and takes effect within seconds. The lack of needle use and the rapidity of the procedure reduce apprehension in the needle-phobic patient.

Needle-free anesthesia is totally free of charge in Dr. Özlem Biçer Clinic for all our transplant operation. Consider that in almost all Turkish hair transplant clinics this service has a quite high fee.

Needle-free anesthesia can be used in FUE technique and BHT too. This anesthesia do not effect at all hair transplantation results.

The advantages of needle-free injections are the fact that they are needleless, that means it will be at the same painless for the patient. Needle-free anesthesia is incredibly fast, and the most important thing it is totally painless.

Furthermore, needle-free anesthesia do not provoke any wounds, therefore it is tested and proved with this kind of injections the risk of infection is the same as for the disposable injections.

Last but not least, needle-free anesthesia is easy to dose, that helps a lot the medical team.

If you want the chance to have the hair transplant you have always wanted without feeling any pain, please feel free to contact us by email at info@ozlembicer.com or WhatsApp message to 0090 530 414 13 13 for a free consultation with Dr. Özlem Biçer MD.

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